Career counseling

What are some majors or careers that best match my interests, personality, skills, and values?
What if I have
NO IDEA what I want to major in—or too many ideas?
How do I learn more about careers?
What career options fit my major?
What do I need to do now to make sure I can get a job in my field?
How do I get a mentor in career fields that interest me?
What internships and jobs match my major and experience?

If you have asked these or similar questions, then a CAREER COUNSELOR can advise you in your search for answers. Career counseling is a process that assists you in understanding your personality, interests, work values, and skills and learning how these traits connect to career paths. Career counselors administer and interpret your career assessments, help you explore and research occupations, teach decision-making techniques, and assist you to develop a career plan.

Career counseling FAQs