Job and internship search strategies for international students

When looking for a job/internship in the US, applicants must utilize a variety of tools to increase their chances of finding a position. Having a good understanding of what you are looking to do and job titles for the position. Check out what you can do with your major to identify some options available. Be aware that the typical job search takes around 9 months, so start early! Also, some employers have gone to a fall recruiting schedule, so you need to apply in August or September for a position that does not begin until May.

Many international students are looking to stay in the US to work after graduation and find that looking for a CPT and/or OPT position with a company who has sponsored the needed H-1B visa in the past to be a good starting point. Using Going Global* you can access H-1B visa employers by state as well as other helpful information when looking for positions outside of Springfield. You may also the Foreign Labor Certification Data Center to download a complete Microsoft Access database of all companies who have applied for H-1B visas each year and then filter your search by industry or job title if you are open to location.

Other students find that companies who do business internationally are more likely to value international experience, language skills, and cultural knowledge. Uniworld* can help you identify foreign companies operating in the US and American firms operating abroad.

When 10- 20% of available positions are never posted, it is important not to limit your search to large job boards. Most people agree that networking is the key to a successful job search and career. Joining websites like LinkedIn or other professional networking groups and professional associations can be helpful when trying to make connections in a new company.

Other sites that might be useful:

For more specialized assistance in your search, make an appointment to visit with a Career Resources Specialist in the Career Center- 417-836-5636.

*To access Going Global or Uniworld off campus, you must be logged into your Job Tracks account. For Job Tracks log-in information, please contact the Career Center at 417-836-5636.