Dressing for Success

What's in your closet? If you will be in situations where you need to make a good first impression to a possible employer, your closet better have at least one business outfit. The first impression you make on a possible employer is an important one. The first judgment an interviewer makes will be based on what you are wearing and how you look. Dressing appropriate for the situation is key. So, how do you know what to put on?

If you will be going to an interview, it is important you dress in business professional clothing.
For men, this would mean:

  • A nice fitting suit in a solid color, preferably navy or dark grey
  • A long sleeve shirt in white or coordinated with the suit
  • A conservative tie
  • Dark colored and professional socks, belt, and shoes
  • A neat and professional hairstyle
  • Limited or no jewelry
  • Neat and trimmed nails
  • Easy on the aftershave
  • A portfolio or briefcase

For women, this would mean:

  • A nice fitting suit in a solid color, preferably black, navy, or dark grey. The suit may be pants or a skirt. If wearing a skirt, it should be no shorter than just above the knee.
  • A coordinated blouse
  • Conservative shoes that are easy to walk in
  • A neat and professional hairstyle
  • Limit jewelry. No jewelry is better than cheap jewelry
  • Neatly manicured nails
  • Easy on the makeup and perfume
  • A portfolio or briefcase

You may hear the term Business Casual when asking about dress codes. If you are interviewing for a non-professional position (such as in a store or restaurant), it may also be appropriate to wear business casual clothing. Business casual is still neat and conservative. It's not a suit and tie, but it is not your jeans and t-shirt either.
For men, business casual includes:

  • Khaki or cotton pants, neatly pressed
  • Long sleeve, button down shirt or a polo or knit shirt with a collar
  • A sweater or sweater vest
  • Leather shoes and belt
  • The tie is optional

For women, business casual includes:

  • Khaki or cotton pants or skirt, neatly pressed
  • Sweater, twin set, cardigan, polo/knit shirt, or a nice blouse that looks nice without a jacket
  • Conservative shoes
  • Remember, solids are better than patterns