Is It Worth It?

So. . . Should I go to graduate school?

You've heard it all - your social life slows down, there is more research, more reading, more late nights. . . are you ready??

Attending graduate school is a big decision, and to make your life easier, we have compiled a list of considerations you can start with to determine if graduate school is right for you. Take your time and think about visiting a Career Resources Specialist in the Career Center to discuss your options or readiness to pursue further studies. And, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have clearly defined career goals that require an advanced degree?
    • Make sure that you have a goal in mind and that you are not just thinking of graduate school as a way to pass the time or have something to do until you find a full-time job!
    • Can you articulate your academic and professional reasons for going to graduate school? This question is often seen on admissions applications and in admissions interviews. Make sure you are comfortable with your answer.
    • An advanced degree is necessary in some job fields, but some positions may allow you to substitute experience for further education.
    • Not sure what you'll need to get that job? See a Career Resources Specialist in the Career Center and learn about the many directions you can go with your degree as well as the educational requirements of your ideal career choice.
  • Does your undergraduate record reflect your ability to go graduate level work?
  • Are you emotionally ready for 1-10 more years of academic work at a much more rigorous level than your undergraduate experience?
  • Are you willing to incur the debt and delay earnings that continuing your education will involve?