Graduate and professional school

Is It Worth It?

So...Attending graduate school is a big decision, and to make your life easier, we have compiled a list of considerations you can start with to determine if graduate school is right for you.

Graduate School Time Table

Applying for a graduate program is a process. There are deadlines that need to be kept in mind each step of the way. Some of the information that will be required from you in order to apply will also have waiting time associated with you.

Finding a Graduate School

The best way to select a graduate program is to evaluate WHY you want to pursue graduate work. Take your academic, professional, and personal goals into consideration to the find the program of best fit for you.

Application Process

Although the actual process of applying to different graduate programs may vary slightly from one another, in general, you will be required to have much of the same information available.

Statements of Purpose

It's time to start your statement of purpose, but where do you begin? What should you include? What should you not include? Hopefully we can help answer these questions.