Internship Forms

Before the Career Center can process your internship paperwork, you MUST log into JobTracks and complete your profile.

If you have any questions concerning internship requirements or qualifications for your academic major, please contact your faculty internship advisor.

Student learning plan

Step 1

Contact your faculty internship advisor (may be the Department Head of your major) in order to register for the internship class. Print the last page (page 4) of the Student Learning Plan (print form) for your internship advisor to complete and sign.

Step 2

Complete your learning plan. To complete the learning plan, you must log into JobTracks (using your BearPass login):

  1. On your JobTracks Dashboard, from the My Profile dropdown, select Internship Records.
  2. Select the +Internship link, enter the semester for the internship, and select Save.
  3. If your application is on file, select from the list of applications. If not, select Add New Job.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to add the internship to your list.

Step 3

You also will need to sign on page 4 of the Student Learning Plan (print form) (see Step 1). Return the completed and signed form to Kristina Rosewell in the Career Center in Carrington 309 (updated 7/2018).

Student appraisal review

The Student Appraisal Review is the evaluation form to be completed by your internship supervisor and returned to the Career Center.

  1. Print off the form and give it to your internship supervisor.
  2. Your supervisor should complete and sign the form. You also need to sign the form. The form should then be returned to the Career Center (reviewed 6/2018).