Be a Mentor

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The Career Center has a variety of options available to employers and alumni who would like to be mentors to students of Missouri State University. Following are examples of mentoring activities. Not only can you select the mentoring activities that interest you, but you also can set a limit as to the maximum number of times you are contacted in a month.

Job shadowing

Job Shadowing is a popular experiential learning activity that enables students to gather information on careers before deciding on a course of study. Students visit work sites, during which time they "shadow," observe, and ask questions of individual workers. Job Shadowing provides the following opportunities for students:

Informational interviews

Informational interviews allow students to learn more about possible career paths by talking to meeting with and interviewing professionals in the field. This is a great alternative for those who are unable to provide a Job shadowing experience.

Mock interviews

Mock interviews help build the confidence in students to help them calm their nerves during an actual interview. In the process of mock interviews, students are required to prepare for it as if attending an actual interview, including their dress. After the interview has concluded, the student receives feedback on everything from perfume to expanding their answers.

There are a variety of ways in which you can conduct mock interviews. Maybe it is possible to arrange for the student to meet you in your office or in the field as they would if they were actually interviewing with you. Perhaps you are able to assist students with practice phone interviews and Skype or video interviews. In addition to conducting these practice interviews on your own, it is possible to come to campus to do them as well. Each semester, the Career Center hosts Mock Interview Day, and many employers generously volunteer to spend the day interviewing students and providing advice and feedback.

Email networking with students

Help students build that all important network and make yourself available via email to respond to students' questions, concerns, or requests for information.

Résumé and cover letter reviews

What a better person than someone in the field to look over a student's résumé or cover letter and provide feedback! In the Career Center, we do our best to stay up on current trends in recruiting including employment documents. As a member of an organization that is actively hiring people, you know what is working and what isn't. You know what is required in your field. You know what those key words are that would make any employer excited at the possibility of interviewing an individual. This is another opportunity to mentor the students through email where you can fit it into your schedule. You may also choose to assist with résumé and cover letter reviews on campus. Each fall and spring semester, the Career Center hosts Résumé Madness for the different colleges. Students bring their résumé for a quick review and receive tips and suggestions. Join us at our tables around campus.

Speaking to student organizations

Provide professional development to the student organizations on campus. You decide the topics you are willing to cover. Possible topics could be general, such as writing a résumé, appropriate dress, or interviewing tips. Topics could also be more specific depending upon your audience.