Other Letter Samples

The correspondence done in a job search involves more than just the cover and thank you letters. Do you know how to properly write a letter accepting an offer that has been extended to you? How about conveying to an employer that you have decided to decline an offer they have extended to you? Below you will find information about and samples of those types of letters.

Letter of Acceptance

It is an exciting time when you have received that perfect job offer, but how do you properly accept it? Even if you had a telephone discussion and verbally accepted a position, you still need to follow-up with a letter of acceptance. To begin with, you should refer to the letter or telephone call you received from your new employer that outlined the terms of your employment.

  • Use a standard business letter format
  • Accept the offer

  • Outline what you understand to be parameters of your employment. This would include the salary, benefits (including vacation and sick time), moving compensation, and the details of any negotiated items
  • Confirm the date in which your employment will begin
  • Express your appreciation and pleasure in joining the company

Sample Letter of Acceptance (PDF)

Letter of Declination

You have pondered and compared and have decided to definitely decline an offer you have received. Not only is it a matter of professionalism, but common courtesy, to inform an employer once you have made a decision to reject an offer. It is important to remain positive when rejecting an offer.

  • Use a standard business letter format
  • Decline the offer
  • Express your appreciation for the offer and the company's interest in you.

Sample Letter of Declination (PDF)

Follow-up to a rejection

Rarely do we like to receive notice that we were not selected for a position we applied and interviewed for. So what is the next step? It is not inappropriate to send a final correspondence to the employer to reiterate your interest in the company.

  • Use a standard business letter format
  • Acknowledge the employer's decision
  • Request feedback
  • Keep future prospects open

Sample Follow-up Letter (PDF)

These samples require Adobe Reader to be view. A free download is available at www.adobe.com.