Need an appointment?

Students and alumni may schedule individual appointments with Career Resources Specialists for assistance with the following:

  • Career counseling & assessments
  • Occupations/majors research
  • Employer research
  • Job/internship search
  • Graduate school preparation
  • Practice interviews

Appointments are free of charge to students and alumni. Call our office at 417-836-5636 or stop by one of our locations (Carrington Hall 309 and Glass Hall 276). We will not make appointments through e-mail.

Fall drop-in hours

Drop-in hours: Fall 2019

Drop-in hours are free and available for all students when classes are in session. No appointment necessary.

Note: Printed, hard-copy resumes are preferred over digital resumes.

  • Get tips and advice for writing résumés and cover letters; learn how to tailor your résumé for a specific situation.
  • Have your résumé and cover letter reviewed before you send them to an employer or submit them for a class assignment.
  • Learn more about the Career Center's programs, services, and resources.

Bring your resume for review during drop-in hours

When bringing your resume for an in-person review during drop-in hours, please provide a hard-copy printout of your resume rather than a resume on your laptop.

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Mission statement

A team of professionals passionate about providing personalized, student-centered career services to promote successful outcomes.

Vision Statement

To connect resources and people to prepare students for the next step on their career path.

Core values


We provide an inclusive and supportive environment that respects the thoughts, beliefs, and experiences of others through compassion, empathy, and integrity.


We enhance student career development and readiness through providing career services that provide tools for long-term success.


We respect each person's perspective, strengths, weaknesses, and contributions to the team. We stand together to best serve our students and stakeholders and achieve common goals and outcomes.


We are passionate about our services in the development of champions and success of all stakeholders by enthusiastically connecting and engaging them with multiple resources and support.

Competent professionals

We are committed to life-long learning to properly serve and advise a variety of stakeholders with career-related needs. We demonstrate the ability to be knowledgeable, resourceful, innovative, and adaptable in an ever-changing world of work.