Career Center presentation request form

If you would like a member of the Career Center to make an in-person or virtual presentation (via Zoom) or to provide a pre-recorded presentation and/or other resources, please complete the following form. We will contact you to confirm the request.

If you are requesting one presentation, please complete Parts 1 and 2. Please complete a separate form for each additional presentation.

Part 1: Requester contact information

This should be the name of the person who will be at the presentation.

Contact's role

This number is in case the presenter needs to reach you in case of emergency.

Part 2: Presentation request

If you have more than one presentation, please complete a separate form for each request.

Presentation options

If this request is NOT for an academic class with a section number, please enter NA (for Not Applicable). If this is a request for presentations to multiple classes, please complete individual presentation request sections for each class.

What equipment is available in this room? (Please check all that apply)

If you wish to request a specific staff member to present, please specify.

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