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Résumés & Letters

Résumé Tips

Tips on  appearance, organization, and content of a résumé.


Résumé Samples

PDF sample versions of  chronological, functional and combination format résumés.


Résumé Templates

Templates of chronological, functional, combination and non-traditional formats that can be used with Microsoft Word.


Electronic/Scannable Résumés

A résumé that has been designed specifically interact with a computer.  There are many different aspects to keep in mind when creating an electronic résumé and how an individual may interact with it. 


Cover Letters

 Allows you to express your individuality, abilities and compatibility to potential employers.  When you submit your résumé, a cover letter should accompany it. 


Thank You Letters

Employers appreciate receiving thank-you letters and in some cases where the competition is especially keen, a thank-you letter may give you an edge over candidates who fail to send one.


Other Letter Samples

 The correspondence done in a job search involves more than just the cover and thank you letters. Sample PDFs included.



 A marketing tool, organized in a manner that best demonstrates your ability to meet the specific job requirements.


Curriculum Vitae

A longer and more detailed document then a résumé. Your CV will include a summary of your educational and academic experiences, as well as any teaching or research work, awards, honors, presentations, publications, affiliations and other information.


Action Verbs & Transferable Skills

Do you need stronger descriptions for your job duties?  Have you used "Responsible for. . . " too often?  Try this list of action verbs to help you along.