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Career Center


On-Campus Interviews

Lists of interviews that are updated often. Check back to see what information sessions or interviews have been added.


Practice Interviews

One of the best ways to prepare for an actual interview with an employer.  It allows you to gain experience in the interview process and practice in answering questions you may be asked by the interviewer. 


Sample Interview Questions

Interview questions are designed to help an employer learn as much as possible about you in a very short time.  Questions can fall into a number of categories including personal goals and accomplishments, self-assessment, educational and work experiences, relationships with people, and life/career expectations.


Informational Interviews

Interview designed to allow you to learn more about a possible career path by talking to someone currently working in the field.


Behavioral Interviews

Are based on the belief that past behavior and performance predicts future behavior and performance. Being prepared to tell stories of how you have demonstrated skills that employers may be looking for in candidates.


Video-conference Interviewing

 Knowing how to handle yourself if you are faced with conducting an interview via camera and microphone.


Meal Interview Etiquette

Employers may want to see you in a more social setting to see how you act, particularly if the job are you interviewing for requires partaking in meals with clients and/or supervisors.


Dressing for Success

 If you will be in situations where you need to make a good first impression to a possible employer, your closet better have at least one business outfit.