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Career Center

Internships & Jobs


 Automates numerous functions found within the Career Center and enhances the services offered to students and employers.


On-Campus Interviews

Lists of interviews that are updated often. Check back to see what information sessions or interviews have been added. 


Internship Forms

 Provides information about internships.


 Legislative Internship


 This incredible internship will enable you to serve 40+ challenging hours per week, off-campus, on the staff of a state legislator at our state capitol


Salary Information

 The negotiation process actually begins in the interview. In the interview is where you tell the company about yourself, your accomplishments and what you can do for them.




More and more jobs are being offer in 'hidden' markets, learn how to utilize connects in the industry to find those jobs.


 Internship and Job Search


Successfully searching for a job or internship takes preparation and time. Some of the aspects of search are similar for an internship and a job, but there are some differences


Job Search By City

List of jobs by city that are available.


Career Events

 List of events the career center host throughout the year.


National Career Events

List of national events throughout the year.