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Career Center

Career Development Courses

The Career Center offers two courses to assist students in each step of their career development process: IDS 120 and IDS 320. Fall 2015 schedules are provided below.

IDS 120

IDS 120 is a two-credit-hour course designed to assist students in learning the process for making meaningful academic and career choices that are aligned with their unique strengths, interests, values, and personality. Students will participate in self-assessments, major and career exploration, and decision-making activities.






001 Fall MW 9:40 - 10:30 AM PUMM 0206 SuzAnn Ferguson 42374
899 Fall INET INET INET Valerie Turner 42376

IDS 320

IDS 320 is a two-credit-hour course designed to assist students who have selected an academic major and who are beginning internship, part-time, or full-time job searches, or who are making decisions on graduate and professional school. The course is designed to help students in developing a career plan and investigating the work world in terms of the students' career/life goals. Students will learn the dynamics of decision-making, the importance of gaining experience in their field of interest, and job search skills. They will engage in career research, résumé writing, interviewing, networking, and other career development practices.

IDS 320 will not be offered Fall 2015. Please check the course schedule for future listings.