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Career Counseling

Career counseling is a process that assists individuals in gaining self-understanding, obtaining knowledge about the world of work, and integrating information about oneself and careers. Counselors utilize assessments to gain information and determine career needs. Counseling may include teaching decision making, research, and job skills; helping develop a career plan; and providing meaningful resources.

What can I expect?
What happens in these appointments?
What type of students are served?
What types of assessments are offered?
What career resources are available?
What other resources are offered to gain insight?


What can I expect?

Career counseling is a process that assists students and alumni in gaining self-understanding, exploring majors/careers, personalizing and integrating the information to make informed decisions.

What happens in these appointments?

Career Counselors engage individuals in discussion to gain insights into information relevant to choosing a major or career. Self-assessments can be utilized to better understand their values, interests, skills, personality and career needs. Counselors help students integrate this information, apply it to the decision making process and develop career plans. It is a validating experience that encourages and motivates students to grow professionally while gaining career direction.

What types of students are served?

  • Undecided majors, all levels

  • IDS 110, 120 and 320 students

  • Students with a major who want to explore options (i.e. what can I do with a major in ___________?)

  • Students dissatisfied with major and want to change

  • Career changers, those reentering the workplace, or those wanting to complete degrees (alumni)

  • Students needing job search assistance

What types of assessments are offered?

  • Self-Directed Search (interest inventory)

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (personality type indicator)

  • FOCUS 2 (career planning system)

  • Multiple Intelligences Checklist

  • Work Values questionnaires

  • Skill-scan

What career resources are available?

  • Various Online and web based resources, including ONET online, Occupational Outlook Handbook and FOCUS 2

  • Academic advisors from 30 colleges

  • Springfield Business Journal's Book of Lists

  • The Directory (Springfield-Greene County Public Library)

What other resources are offered to gain insights?

Job Shadow Program
Counselors connect students with alumni and community employers to explore occupational options and learn the realities of various careers. Students talk with professionals either through informational interviews over the phone or go on-site to see the work first hand. Student makes arrangements with the employer of choice regarding date and length of visit (1 to 2 hours, half a day, all day, etc.) Students follow up the visit with a brief evaluation of their experience. Click here to find out more information on the job shadow program.